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Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I worked for SportChek for 4 years, starting as a cashier and then switching into sales afterwards.

    First year, the cashier job was all right and overall not bad. Being a retail store, you're always going to get the occasional angry customer. On busy days, the stress level is acceptable if you know how to run the till. It was a good position to start off in. Pay was fairly terrible though and there wasn't much in terms of raises. You could be there for years and still only make the same wage you started off with.

    Second year I switched to softgoods sales and this is when Sportchek was still on commission. During the back-to-school and Christmas season (September-December), it was so easy to make lots of money off sales. Once January rolled around, sales basically dried up and you only made minimum wage because you couldn't sell that much. The managers know this but they still chastise you for not making any sort of sales. But I was a good sales associate. I knew all my stuff about the products and took every training module they gave us. I was fairly charismatic with customers and whenever I did make sales, it was fun interacting with the customers.

    Third year is where everything changes because now Sportchek is on an entirely wage-based system, even for sales associates. It's also the year where I really began to hate working for Sportchek. My new wage was fairly high for a part-timer and was based on my sales performance the previous year and the managers were proud to give me the wage I earned. But that's when the working environment changed for me as the focus became more about the numbers and sales than the well-being of the employees. By now I'm basically a senior employee but the managers really started following the strict business model when making the schedule. Essentially they stopped scheduling me hours because they amount it took to pay one of me was worth two new employees so they scheduled those two new employees instead over me.

    My fourth year was more of the same as my third year. I started transferring to different stores to see if the management would be better but everywhere I went, it was more of the numbers-and-sales-and-customers first, employees second. Really only the full timers that worked the 40 hours a week and thus able to make most of the sales were the ones that were always recognized and rewarded. Eventually, the high wage my original managers were so happy to give me eventually became a curse because managers would stop scheduling me because I made too high a wage. I was lucky if I even got 5 hours a week and usually those happened on dead Monday nights. The managers started to use intimidation tactics to get rid of me and scheduled me less and less. My last few months, the store would usually be understaffed (one person per department) and you definitely got overworked and it was impossible to help every customer the best you could. One night it was just myself and 10 customers and one customer complained about me and my managers gave me a drilling for not satisfying this customer (the customer walked into the store angry to start off with). They began to lambast me about how my performance for a senior employee was poor and they wanted me to have more responsibility but I brought up the fact that I only got scheduled 5 hours a week and the least-busy night of the week. I handed in my 2 week notice the next day and as a show of appreciation for my 4 years of working for the company, I didn't get scheduled one shift in my 2 weeks.

    Every company will have current and former employees that complain how bad it is there and Sportchek is no different. It used to be a really fun place to work and the people you worked with were great. But eventually, management really sticks it to you and starts to push good employees to the fringes because of favouritism. The company cares more about the customers than the well-being of its employees and the managers really convey this philosophy

    Posted on 9 May 2011 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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Part time employees are a waste ...wankers.

Posted on 9 May 2011

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