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Simon Fraser University

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Education, Training

  • I had worked at a lab at the Burnaby campus. The place is a snake pit. The staff there are typical passive-aggressive labrats and the upper management/PI's often have god complexes.
    Most of the labs there are open only to squander grant money. Also if you are a lab staff you will be making slightly above a minimum wage. The only people who are paid well are PI's.
    The main Burnaby building itself is an oversized concrete pillbox that constantly leaks. Ceilings and walls there always get mold, rally bad mold.
    I would not recommend anyone to work there. Work at a bank instead as there you have at least a higher chance for a successful career.

    Posted on 5 January 2021 by Rater #30 | Flag as inappropriate

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