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Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • Please do yourself a favour. DO NOT apply. AND keep your money in your pocket. I first got a response last December when they needed a bilingual customer representative. The recruiter said that my laptop did not adhere to the specific requirements. Fine enough. I went to buy another laptop with a quad-core at 1.2 GHz (more than required honestly). That laptop passed their technological requirements test just fine with a big green check. The recruiter ended up not approving of this laptop because the processor speed was not a good fit according to her opinion (HR opinion on technology). I doubt that 0.3 GHz would have made a difference. Anyway, I went on to exchange that laptop to another one a gaming one. 2.5 GHz with more than enough memory than required. I also changed my ISP to get a faster speed. All in all she ended telling me that she would not be able to recruit me because I was still under my Canadian study permit after my recent graduation. Now, let us rectify HR ignorance on the rules of IRCC here:" You can continue to work after you finished your studies only if: you’ve already applied for a work permit." - Which ahem I'm doing right now. She also did not seem to be interested to give me a bilingual position and focused only on specific English positions (maybe perhaps to pay me less). She could have also mentioned to me that she did not want to work with me AT ALL right at the beginning. It would have prevented me to go through all of this hassle.

    Funny story: The recruiter made a mistake and ended up leaving a voicemail that was destined to somebody else. While speaking, she clearly mentioned to that person that she would find support for her into buying a computer and other equipments to let her start the job. I was speechless. I spent so much money into getting set up while other people clearly got the opportunity to receive help into buying a computer and equipments.

    General conclusion: The phone interview was pretty casual. I've SPENT A LOT of money for nothing and ended up not getting recruited. Also, if you're on Canadian territory, they will exclude you because the recruiters are from the U.S and DO NOT understand Canadian work regulations.

    Posted on 18 January 2021 by Rater #31 | Flag as inappropriate

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