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Shoppers Drug Mart (Corporate)

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • Filed a complaint to HR about an employee who was micromanaging, bullying, sexually (verbally) harassing other employees. A few months later, that employee is promoted. Their CORE values are just there for show.
    Also, head office always enforces bare-bone staffing and then during meetings at head office, they say "our pharmacy employees working at store level can do more". As if everyone isn't already stretched to the max.
    At retail level, all they care about is just numbers and targets. They freeze the wages of all retail level employees and then give corporate level employees nice bonuses and raises for a job well done.
    So many people at corporate level wasting their time twiddling their thumbs and having 1 hour coffee breaks and 2 hour lunches.
    Stores are already near maximally efficient. Corporate level, however, is half fat ripe for trimming. But then, they got the power to do whatever they want because apparently they're "better" than store-level employees....

    Publié le 3 février 2017 par Évaluateur #48 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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