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Shoppers Drug Mart (Corporate)

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • Not sure how companies like this still exist. Management doesn't care. No training, no guidance. HR is not trust worthy. They do no take things seriously. I would stay away...far away.

    Publié le 30 décembre 2015 par Évaluateur #43 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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HR is a real piece of work there. I absolutely agree with you. When they receive complaints about bullying, they put on a fake empathetic face and then tell the superior/boss there's nothing wrong. Just space it out a little bit and don't get caught on record.

Publié le 3 février 2017

And they bully the employees. To the extent of considering suicide

Publié le 11 mars 2016

Couldn't agree more. I've worked for this company 11years, and have witnessed inappropriate behavior from management. On 2 occasions HR has been called in to deal with these situations, but all that ever happens is nothing. And the employee ends up being mistreated more, and is basically driven to quit. Shoppers cares only about their image and protect the name. It does not care about their employees; especially if they are "lower" positions. If i have an issue (which I currently do) I don't trust talking to the associate or a blue shirt about it. There is no privacy or confidentiality. Same applies to HR

Publié le 19 février 2016

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