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Shoppers Drug Mart (Corporate)

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • I worked for Shoppers for about two and half months before I was let go. I enjoyed the job although they expect way too much out of employees. (Don't take this the wrong way I do believe in hard work, but to a degree) You tended to do the job of two to three people at once. I like being kept busy sometimes it was a little extreme overall not to bad though. I did like the push on teamwork however, I got along well with all my coworkers and most supervisors.
    However the management was not good to employees and in my short time there ten employees had quite in the span of a few days. As a cashier I got along with most customers and even had my own regulars. But I did have those customers that came in either pissed, on the phone, ignorant or with a personal vendetta against SDM but I believe in showing respect no matter what, the job is focused on customer service. Management does not ever take the side of cashiers being abused by customers and so we ended up getting yelled at by both customer and manager. Training was inconsistent, good with learning the register but not policies. Had no idea what the honor code was until a customer explained it to me. When I had to use the code I didn't know how I called for a supervisor, she never came so I did what I thought was right than got yelled at. To my defence it was my third shift and I did my best for the customer with no guidance.
    Supervisors walk around as if they own the place and management of time and jobs was terrible. They were inconsistent with our breaks and on telling us our jobs for the shift.
    I got fired on a Wednesday the Monday was my last shift and it went well. I was really busy as second back up but I did the jobs well and was told in the next week I was getting my merchandiser training. On Wednesday morning before I went to class (I'm a university student) I got a call from the cash manager saying that Monday was my last shift don't bother coming in for my Thrusday shift. I was in shock and asked why she was reluctant to tell me I begged her too, I told her not to worry about hurting my feelings I was desperate to know what I had done wrong. She refused again, I told her be as brutal as she needed to be I need to know what I did wrong so that I don't make the same mistake in my next job. Finally she said, and I quote, "Let's just say it is lack of experience, that's the script I was given, and I'm sticking to it." I was dumbfounded I was able to say a quite okay, she hung up and I bursted out crying. "Lack of experience" they knew this was my first retail job although I have had plenty of customer service experience. I made few mistakes my end count and till we're damn near perfect each time. I learned quick and always did as I was told, no one hinted I was doing wrong.I still don't know why I was truly fired I tried to ask later that day when I got my self together and by email still no answer.
    How can you treat employees this way, I always did my best, was on time, worked whatever I was given without complaint (even the 7:45am to 4:15pm on Saturday shift) and never called in sick. I'm disgusted they let me go without reason when I witnessed coworkers openly doing wrong. I saw one cashier arguing with a pregnant woman. Another being openly racist and supervisors that abuse their power but I got fired. I do not deny I made mistakes, I was still learning the ropes ( I'm not perfect nor claim to be) but even if I was the worst employee in the world I deserve an explanation. How can I better myself if I don't know what I did wrong?
    I will never work at a Shoppers again and all my friends and family refuse to shop there after the way I was treated. They called my on my busiest day of school ( they had my school schedule ) right before class to fire me. I have lost a lot of respect for SDM and believe changes need to be made. How do you expect to have dedicated workers when you treat them so poorly or fire them without reason.

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