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Shoppers Drug Mart (Corporate)

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • What kind of work place allows the front store manager to leave early every day while the lower employees have to skip breaks and stay late to get the job done? And then when things don't get finished, who gets all the blame? Not the manager leaving at 1pm on Saturdays, the busiest day of the week every week. nope, he gets all the credit and dishes out all the crap. The managers in the North Vancouver stores are the laziest I've ever seen at any of the retailers I've worked for. Always sitting in their offices on the phone, and not work related calls either. The staff making $12 to $13 / hour are the ones that have to deal with any customer complaints etc because the manager doesn't want to have to deal with them. Too lazy to work on dc too. They think it's beneath them to have to interact with their staff other than to leave passive agressive notes. Look for new front store managers Shoppers/Loblaws... employee engagement and morale will go way way up!

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It's the same here in London. Our FSM usually leaves by noon on saturdays and doesn't work nights or Sundays. What kind of company employs retail managers that aren't willing to work nights or weekends ? No problem taking afternoons off to go golfing though !

Publié le 25 janvier 2016

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