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Shoppers Drug Mart (Corporate)

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • SDM doesn't care about the little employees who have legitimate concerns or issues. Only cares about protecting their name. HR is a joke and if you end up having an issue you Basically have no one to approach. There is no privacy or confidentiality when it comes to looking for help in dealing with an issue. Blue shirts and associates are a clique, and abandon their responsibilities when someone they like in the store is causing problems for someone they might not like or care for.

    Unfortunately when people were talking about starting a union; the people that knew they would be fired for the way they treat staff, put a stop to it. This company needs a union or an outside company to do run investigations in stores.

    Publié le 19 février 2016 par Évaluateur #44 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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Totally agree with you. At corporate, all you need is a VP or a director you can hide behind and all your HR nightmares will go away. CORE values? PFFF who needs CORE values when you can shit all over everyone and get away with it by sucking up to your VP.

Publié le 3 février 2017

I agree with you to an extent. I am a blue shirt and am not part of the clique. I get mistreated and used as a scapegoat regularly. My job/title is constantly threatened as I continuously work harder than the manager and his promoted family member. I get sick to my stomach just going to work.

Publié le 10 janvier 2017

You are right on the money!!

Publié le 11 mars 2016

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