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Shaw Communications


Size of company: Small (1 - 49 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • I think all these people here rating Shaw either lazy or under-perform in their jobs and get laid off.
    Shaw is the great company. I can't say enough good things about Shaw.

    Posted on 29 June 2017 by Rater #314 | Flag as inappropriate

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What a horrible company to work for. Liars and manipulators. People mean nothing. Bust your hump for what? Maybe wear a kevlar vest to try and stop the knife plunging into your back. (Or front)

Posted on 6 March 2018

Did you get your severance package today? Karma is a b!tch. Just remember that while you consider taking it or not, that the Shaw family increased their pay & benefits and didn't lose a thing. Still a great company, Shaw shill?

Posted on 2 February 2018

I agree there's a reason it gets bad reviews! Or this person is active management. I know some supervisors and managers let go over the years too. Usually comes down to money or not drinking the brainwash coolaid of how wonderful it is! They dictate and don't engage their employees unless it sell sell . Don't invest too much of a career here it Will let you down unless your great at greasing the higher ups and Brown nosing. A job is a job but this company doesn't want career people.

Posted on 6 August 2017

There are 100 of ratings here and 99% are negative and theres a reason for that. Shaw is terrible, corrupt and dishonest. Theres something seriously wrong with you. Get help

Posted on 30 July 2017

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