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Shaw Communications


Size of company: Small (1 - 49 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • Haha Shaw .. worked for more than 5 years, given my sweat and blood to this company but what do you get in place , cheating , Lies, fraud , pain, sorrows, disrespect and many more. I have noticed carefully where the problem is , its the management . The Managers are complete loss to the company . They really don't care if someone works for 6months or someone who has spent almost a decade in same position . Senority value is zero. If you get sick for a day , they need doctors note even if you worked for 10 years ( doctor also laughed , really working for 10yrs and still need note ) . Sales = haha , cheating frauds between department . Customer solution team employees stealing customer service reps sales with cheating frauds . Hey management , where are your work ethics now. supervisors they say , ya ya, will work on it but trust me they never and its been like many years . You are like a toy in manager hand and supervisor hand, they can do anything . I'm not saying all the supervisors but most of them are completely clueless about what to do. They have zero knowledge how to work with the team . They are just scared by the managers. They are always busy in doing buttering of managers so that there positions are secured . These supervisor can't listen to employees. if you say something to supervisor and then watch , supervisor will back fire on you. No communication or trust between an employee or supervisor . Some Managers Lie with employees which is a big risk to company. I will be submitting a huge letter to the Brad Shaw or his assistants so that message can be passed to save their company by working on management and supervisors otherwise God knows what will happen.

    Posted on 8 April 2016 by Rater #308 | Flag as inappropriate

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