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Shaw Communications


Size of company: Small (1 - 49 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • I worked as a field service tech out of the Nanaimo office for 7 yrs. It was a pretty decent job, 3 weeks holidays, up to 7 paid sick days, and a respectable stock option plan and benefits package. Even though I was paid the same as those without a technical education. The pay in itself is approx 15% to 20% below the industry average. Also important to note, during the Great Purge of 2011 (plus 2 other lesser layoffs since), Shaw has not laid off a single unionized employee. Since 2011 their internal organization has gone all to hell. They now make the field techs pay for a cell phone that was once supplied for the job. We used to call the office to post off a service call. That dept was wiped out in 2011. Now we have to call Victoria and wait for someone to answer the phone, usually have to wait for a callback. In the meantime we sit around waiting. The service dept (not to be confused with the installers) used to have one supervisor who kept the 15 or so guys running smoothly and communicating well. Now its been partitioned (micromanaged) into 3 sections each with their own boss. Its a logistical nightmare. After the 2011 layoffs morale has dropped sharply while cynicism has risen sharply. Interestingly there have been layoffs occuring in upper management indicating maybe not all is well in the organization. From a financial standpoint the company puts minimal effort into its corporate debt repayment. It blew a quarter-BILLION dollars on spectrum with the intention to go cellular. It spent that money before examining if it was feasible. Which it wasn't. To summarize: it used to be a cool job, but I would not want to return.

    Posted on 3 August 2015 by Rater #296 | Flag as inappropriate

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