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Shaw Communications


Size of company: Small (1 - 49 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • It's a shame that this company has taken such a downward turn. The moment that supervisors were moved into positions where their lack of experience was soon shown, rather than actually learn and grow, there was an air of hostility towards techs in the field who actually knew more than their supervisors. Underhanded tactics, with a lack of support and trust made it very difficult to work there. Rumors of upper management allowing lower management to lay off those they considered troublemakers along with everyone else laid off have never been proven, but it sure makes sense! It's also a shame that human resources only looks out for the company, and not the employees like they claim they do. And Forbes magazine has rated shaw at 187 out of 250 best employers to work for. That certainly shows a few things as well.

    Posted on 3 March 2016 by Rater #304 | Flag as inappropriate

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You hit on several other points that I neglected to bring up in my reviews. It has certainly changed there over the past 5 years, at least at the Nanaimo office.

I work with a gentleman who's daughter works as a TSR @ Nanaimo. She raved about how great it is and dismissed the naysayers. She's been there a year and says its now getting hard to ignore the issues that plague that office. She won't sell herself to become one of "those types" and finds she can't wait to get away from the office not for the customers but because of her superiors and such. Lots of rats in the office trying to get the upper hand, ladder climbing Shaw style. Even in the Field Techs.

They must be going thru lots of TSR's lately, apparently they hired about 40 new ones over the past couple of months. And every month or so I get employees from Saywell Contracting getting into our apt building and knockingbon all the doors soliciting sales. First time i've seen them use outsiders for that.

The regional manager was recently transferred to Calgary for a promotion. If he's what Corporate considers management material, yikes!

A common saying i've heard from many victims of the Purge of 2011 (and lesser ones since) that:

There is life after Shaw!

Posted on 26 March 2016

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