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  • I accepted a contract at SPAC / PSPC at Place Bonaventure as my first contract with the federal government.

    I was there for the move into their new Workspace 2.0 offices, which are very nice, though they do not suit all jobs.

    I am now elsewhere, after having the works experience I've ever had with a manager (as an adult).

    The CR-4 and entry-level jobs are like a turn style. People leave really quickly because some of the lower-level managers are terrible.

    Because they are often under-staffed you are often asked to do jobs that are not yours, so you have to be willing to do that.

    Overall, now that I've worked elsewhere I see how terrible a lot of the managers were there.

    Micro-managing, focusing on you personally, not the quality of your work or how effective you are. My manager had no idea what my job was, and could not do it.

    A manager should lead from the front. If you see your team is over-stretched, help for an hour, show you're a team player.

    She would show up every few weeks and complain at us about random details, she played no role in the day-to-day of the team and was a hindrance more than anything else.

    My co-workers and I would make decisions that affected our Information Management team as a group, because she was rarely available and didn't know what we were doing anyway.

    We often had to "suggest" things in a way that she would think it was her idea, or else we would get too much hassle from her, and she would feel threatened by us taking responsibility.

    She personally did not like me, so I had co-workers suggest my ideas to get stuff done. During my review, she had nothing to say about my job performance, only personal things, and things about one mistake I made once 5-6 months prior. I just sat there and did not speak. I asked many times to do my reviews in English, and she refused and did them in French.

    I only mention all of this because she is still there, and some of my former co-workers are also still there. All but 2 have been able to transfer out of her department (we were 6).

    The 3 people who left within the first year (for other jobs) all left because of her.

    One of my former co-workers has been promoted and is the only person from the original team still there, he has made the stipulation that he not work her her if they want to keep him.

    My team was amazing, really great, diverse, hard working and kind. She ruined our experience there. I loved my co-workers, but she was the worse manager I ever had.

    Publié le 30 août 2019 par Évaluateur #1 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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