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Schlegel Villages

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Soins de santé, Assistance sociale

  • If you want to work for a very unprofessional organization who blatantly prides itself with their wrong values of putting money first and the people who work for them last, then work for this company. If you would like to discuss the worst case in managing a long term care organization, then this company is ideal. Not only are managers arrogant, they have terrible leadership skills and believes in primitive managerial values, such as favoritism, severe staff punishments, staff humiliation, to name a few. Their pay scales are the lowest in the industry, and this is not an exagerration, as labor disputes will prove this. They claim they care for their residents but if you work for this organization you will soon find out that everything is lip service. Once you step in the facility, there are posters everywhere about resident activities and pictures of happy staff, but in reality, the place is dead without any meaningful activities for most residents (a few for those who can still complain to the Ministry), and if you get to talk to the staff they are so disgusted with everything. If you ask the staff they would honestly tell you that they would rather work for another facility if given the chance because hard work and sincerity are not being acknowledged, these important values are being ignored and you will never be good enough because management would like you to believe that you are not good enough to receive a decent wage.

    Publié le 24 mai 2012 par Évaluateur #8 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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Favortism is a big issue. People have been promoted to positions they have no background or eductaion for while they surpass a better candidate that doesnt know how to schmooze the management. Friends and relatives of management can be guaranteed access to a job that they have no training or background in.
This place honestly needs to clean house. Get rid of most of the current management.

Publié le 1 août 2012

A good hint at what kind of place it is could be the unproffessional manner of dress that management struts. And struts is the word! 5"high shoes that belong on street walkers, mini skirts that barely cover their unmentionables,sheer blouses with no bra, tights and thigh high boots. You think Im joking? Walk in off the street any day of the week and have a look. Regular staff are in decent, proffessional looking uniforms. The managers are the ones who look like they forgot to go home and change from the bar the night before.

Publié le 31 juillet 2012

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