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SCC / Service Correctionnel du Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Government and Public Administration

  • This organization is at best very weak. Its employees are not the cornerstone of the organization as stated by the management philosophy. Imagine having a supervisor who has actually never been part of the law enforcement side of Corrections Canada. In other words this individual must give you direction but they themselves have never been in this situation. This semi-law enforcement organization is simply bounced around by the needs of criminals as well as management when a criminal draws their attention. Correctional Officers are always caught in between. The Correctional Service's need to reintroduce criminals back into society before they are ready is one of their biggest faults and is one of the toughest pressures placed on senior correctional officers. As stated to me by other professionals who have had a close inward understanding of the Correctional Service of Canada, the CSC is the worst federal service to belong to. Apply elsewhere! This is only my opinion.

    Posted on 19 May 2008 by Rater #2 | Flag as inappropriate

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