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Save On Foods

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • I worked at a store in Winnipeg, and I can tell you that SoF is interested in 1 thing.


    From my experience they do not care about their employees, because there is always someone to hire to replace you; therefore they don't like to deal with any employee who is "diffrent" or are requiring special accommodations, or extra effort.

    I told them when I started, that I have wrist and hand issues that make me work slower. I was told that should not be an issue. Then my manager would tell me one thing, and the rest of management another thing. My physical and mental health was in jeopardy, and I got thrown "under the bus" in an almost literal way.

    I was getting bullied by Management, gaslit by Management, and told by multiple Supervisors that "Maybe you should get a job where you're not so stressed out".

    Really? That simple, eh?

    I wouldn't have been so stressed if I had actually been supported by my supervisors and had upper management actually cared, the situation would have changed. Instead, I was strung out for 3 months - resulting in Panic attacks and anxiety when faced with dealing with my verbally abusive manager.

    I had to quit. For my mental and physical wellbeing.

    If you're looking for a place to work - do not go to save on foods. They will work you to the bone, and then toss you aside for fresh meat.

    Find a company that will actually actively train and educate its employees; not alienate them and makes them feel like disposable cups.

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