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Save On Foods

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • Applied to the local save on foods as my first job while i was in 10th grade at first it was as expected but the cracks in their system soon started to show. However it was not all bad most of the employees and supervisors/department managers were incredibly friendly and welcoming to new employees however the management is absolutely awful. in this particular store the assistant manager not only bullied quite a few employees myself not included but also lied and used underhanded "tactics" on said employees. there was a strong disconnect between the management and regular clerks and even the supervisors. a few instances of such are one supervisor who i knew rather well on more than a few occasions was given a list thirty plus items long and was told to do it in four hours. he had to stay six hour overtime with no extra pay and was given no help and then the next day he was ripped to shred because he wanted to go home before three a.m so he could start his shift at seven a.m the next day. another grocery clerk even being able to say that he had filed for his hours to be changed one year and even when i left he was still trying to have them change it and that was a year and one half after the initial incident. i would say if you are willing to do relatively easy work that requires no though and agree with every small thing that management says i encourage you to give this employer a try but beware that if you have any sort of dynamic schedule and the management doesn't feel like giving you that day off even when given a two to three week advanced notice. a few other rapid fire problems are that many people i worked with felt in necessary to quit within a few months of starting. many instances of a single clerk running half the store on a busy day took place and the most prominent was that at least a dozen clerks quit by walking out and never returning and another dozen or so left by handing in a resignation form.so in short if you are attending or planning to attend an educational institute and are strapped for time i would highly recommend against seeking employment within this company. But if you have a free schedule and are willing to put up with incompetent, lazy, and ego inflated management i suggest you attempt to work at Save-On-Foods.

    Posted on 25 April 2018 by Rater #25 | Flag as inappropriate

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I do believe that ALL these stores are just the same, poor management except for the ones who leave and I do wonder why.

They don't care whether you have experience or not, education or not they just hire anybody.

I do realize this job is not meant for everybody which is fine but, I will be damned to stick with a job where I'm treated like crap by some of the managers there.

I also don't understand how employees who have only worked there a few months or so have the right to be put n a position where a manager should be? How in the heck does that work? It obviously doesn't take seniority to get somewhere but, perhaps a* kissing does and I am way too bold to be an a* kisser.

There's too much to list what's wrong with this store and to think it's a union, perhaps if they had a REAL union in this company things would be ran a lot smoother.

Posted on 29 April 2018

Myself having just recently left a job, with a micromanaging, manipulative and very abusive boss, I believe you made the best choice in leaving this job.

Posted on 25 April 2018

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