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Samson Belair / Deloitte & Touche


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Accounting, Auditing

  • Those familiar with the consulting lifestyle know that most of a consultant's life is spent on client sites, which may influence some ratings associated to workspace. I personally enjoyed the client project work even if the hours (45+ hours/week, not including firm development work of up to 15 hours/week) were not allowing any kind of work/life balance. The firm is notorious for hiring new grad fresh off university, just the type of candidates that can be easily molded to a culture with minimum resistance and no previous experience to compare their employer to. A lot of emphasis is spent on BRANDING, both branding of the firm and branding of yourself as a consultant. As a result, Deloitte projects a spotless brand image to the marketplace, which could be misleading for a prospective employee (though firm values and code of ethics are the best I've see across any industry, not all Deloitte practices do internally what they promote externally). Senior leadership at the national level is charismatic, engaging and motivating. Unfortunately the overall political environment and poor career management in most Deloitte practices are simply overwhelming, by far eclipsing all the good things the organization has to offer. New hires join and leave after two years, a pattern that is seen across the organization. I quote a previous rating on this site that explains it all: "Career advancement at Deloitte has nothing to do with your contributions to client and firm development projects, it's all about how much credit you can take for other people's work and how many of your mistakes you can blame on your colleagues. Deloitte Consulting is not a firm where the best consultants establish a career, but it is a place where mediocre consultants who are great office politicians can find success."

    Posted on 7 September 2011 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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