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  • Do not hire this company or work for this company. Training is very unprofessional and inadequate for the work that they have their employees do(when I was hired, I was put at Toronto's Union station which is Canada's busiest pedestrian transportation hub, I was given handcuffs and a baton with no use of force training. No benefits, and when/if your eligible they delay the paper work (in my case 3 additional months). No sick days, if you call in sick you get fired. Very demanding with no compensation or even a thanks. Management is very unprofessional, their employees constantly have to remind management of what they need to do for the employees I.E. contract requirements. They completely and blatantly disregard employee rights at times. They will jump on every opportunity not to pay you and if you work an extra 30 minutes they won't pay you for it, but if you are relieved early they will dock ur pay to when you were relieved. When I quit they kept my last cheque and refused to mail it to me and made me go all the way to their office to pick it up. When I worked for them the station was very often under staffed because their turn-over was so high.

    Posted on 23 April 2016 by Rater #15 | Flag as inappropriate

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I know what you mean. I am at Union Station and I am at my wits end.

Posted on 16 October 2016

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