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  • Worked for Russell Security Services Inc for almost 7 years. I observed many changes over that time. some good and some bad. I had a static site which was good. The pay was not bad (just above min wage, supervisors got a bit more) and there was benefits. I don't know what it is like now since I left. At the time the management was unprofessional and not very well run.

    The company has expanded it's area of service since I left 6 years ago. The training at the sites was not good. They rushed it just to get jobs done.

    All this is what I experienced from 2001-2007. I don't know how it is now.

    My site was good. I enjoyed going to work and I was moved around so it was different. I responded to fires, medical calls, spills and vehicle accidents.

    All the guards were trained in First Aid CPR. There was plenty to do i.e. mobile patrols and foot patrols. I started out as a guard and was promoted to a supervisor position.

    If you can manage to get a good site, that's a bonus. It's great to use on a resume and gain experience.

    Posted on 19 December 2013 by Rater #2 | Flag as inappropriate

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Overall my experience was ok until recently. The last 6 months I have seen many supervisors come and go, many continuous schedule changes, last minute changes, when you have a problem, management doesnt work with you to help you. So many changes in russell management. Screwed over for full time and knocked down to part time after 3.5 years abecause they dont want to pay my benefits anymore

Posted on 6 August 2014

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