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RIM / Research In Motion Ltee.


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Electrical, Electronic

  • RIM is hiring huge and having a terrible time doing it. Don't expect any of the recruiters to even know a Telecom company yet they will tell you that you have never worked for one. I had to find the hiring manager before I got hired.

    Now that I'me there, I'm looking elsewhere.

    The pay is only decent. The hours are incredible. Overtime is banked but you can't use it. You must take holiday time to see a doctor (despite the 1000's of hours in the overtime bank).

    The stress is incredible. Everything is late and you're always expected to pick up the slack.

    Posted on 27 February 2009 by Rater #148 | Flag as inappropriate

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Sorry no word on marketing it seems, but if you end up going there be sure to let us know how you find it after about half a year or so.

Posted on 5 November 2009

i think i see that jobs at the call centre suck...fine...but what about the marketing/communications dept? anyone have any feedback on that...thinking of applying as they have openings

Posted on 29 August 2009

I agree with Comment 9, exception handling and a modular design, can go a long way in helping seamless recovery. Some efforts have been made in this direction as far as I can tell.

Posted on 21 August 2009

Releasing software with some bugs is to be expected, but there is a difference between minor bugs and show stoppers.

RIM has released several show stoppers that should have never made it out to the public and that's just sloppy programming (and QA). Then when a bug is reported it takes RIM for-freaking-ever to fix it. Completely unacceptable.

What makes it even worse is the lack of error handling or informative messages to at least narrow down where the error is occurring. Null pointer exception errors? Catastrophic error has occurred? Come on man, a customer should never see that. There is no excuse for that, period. Catches and throws exist for a reason. Even when Windows gives you a stop error (blue screen of death) it gives you an error code. That's much better then "Windows has catastrophically failed. Please reboot".

Minor bugs on the other hand are just that - minor. They are the ones that can wait until the next software release. These I don't have any problems with because it is impossible to find them all before going public.

Posted on 12 March 2009

I work for a software development group at RIM Waterloo.

Comments 4:
I do agree, that RIM could benefit from some extra testing. But blatantly blaming the testing and development teams for your increased workload, may not reflect the right attitude. Maybe, I am biased but when I worked for Microsoft, we had way more bugs, most of them were fixed before release, yet lot of us complain that its still buggy! (This kinda thing happens almost everywhere, thats why we have CSO and DevTrack!)

Comments 3:
I do some pretty exciting work in .NET, VC and MFCs. The benefits and work atmosphere are generally competitive and encouraging but vary greatly! A main advantage is that your work life balance is respected (again group and individual specific).Your best option is to talk openly to your hiring manager.

Posted on 9 March 2009

All he can do is check back to see if a developer makes a review then. As previously mentioned CSO is a large chunk of RIM, hence the reviews. People who work in development probably wouldn't even read comments about CSO anyways

Posted on 9 March 2009

Comments 5:
I think Comments 3 was making a general comment. It would be nice to hear from development, not that the original commenter should make up stuff about working in development :)

I'm not sure much more can be said about CSO. It's crappy, sucks, horrible, etc. We get it.

So that's why Commenter 3, and others would like to hear from other departments. In particular development.

Posted on 4 March 2009

Why would the person post about development when they didn't work there? That just doesn't make sense.

And yes CSO does suck, but it is a large part of RIM. Hence the constant reviews about it.

Posted on 3 March 2009

RIM doesn't need to outsource CSO, they need to crack down on their carriers and whip their programmers and quality testers into place. Also the CSO reviews will continue because a large chunk of RIM *IS* CSO.

1) Carriers shouldn't be able to transfer stupid calls. Currently RIM says mark the case invalid, but take it anyways. In actual fact the call should be rejected until a reasonable amount of troubleshooting has been performed. Either that or CSO should be a consult line only.

2) There wouldn't be so many problems if the software was written better. There's no reason for bugs like unexception errors, emails disappearing and so forth to ever make it to the public

Yes the OD department liked to mess around with me too. They insisted that I go to doctors appointments and the like using vacation days as well. Screw that, I called in sick instead. Just before I left RIM I discovered it is easier to abuse their system then play by the rules.

Posted on 2 March 2009

I would like to thank for your feedback. As it is well established now that CSO @ RIM => horrible, useless, painful, etc..; Can anyone post some feedback on software development?

(I personally believe, that RIM would be much better off outsourcing the CSO teams, at least in part. And consequently, provide a better work atmosphere for the ppl. remaining in the CSO teams)

Posted on 1 March 2009

I expect it's the same in every department, the management there is totally and completely clueless yet they act like they're the gods of every ounce of knowledge on the planet.

Speaking of gods the OD (HR) Dept (every one of them) have a massive god complex and they think they can get away with doing anything to anyone at anytime, they don't give a flying f*meep* about actually helping employees (which is their job iirc).

Now let's get to the supervisors (my experience is CSO so yours may differ) a bigger bunch of shortbus rejects I've never seen in my life. Picture this, there's no analyst around to ask a question to so you go to your sup (makes sense right? WRONG!) the sup looks at you like you just spoke another language.

Now tell me why in Satan's glorious name would someone be in the position of supervisor if a group in a SUPPORT department and not know SQUAT about the product in any way shape or form?

This company is definitely spiraling down the porcelain fast.

Any still there are people stupid enough to stay there, I guess there *is* a sucker born every minute.

Posted on 28 February 2009

What group?

Posted on 27 February 2009

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