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Reitmans (Canada) Limitee


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • Personally I have worked for Reitmans for 5 years in three different stores (two addition elle banner stores and one Reitmans) and I believe the company itself does ask a lot of its employees as far as work load is concerned. They do require you to stay current in fashion and ask that you be clean and presentable. They also encourage you to wear make up and ask that you either not wear nail polish or that if you do you keep your nails well manicured. That being said, I haven’t been forced to buy anything; encouraged to, yes! Forced? Not even once. And we do have a good discount. The try on sessions in my experience have been for feedback pruposes and to help you better understand the product.
    As far as management goes, it has more to do with individual stores and not with the overall company. I have had the opportunity to work with three very different but all equally good managers. It is a minimum wage job, but I have received regular raises based on the number of hours worked (every 1000 hours worked you get a raise). They have paid me minimum wage at the very least since my starting with the company. I can’t speak for other people’s experiences but mine has been mostly positive. In addition, I read in one comment that they do not train their season staff so they can’t get any sales, however, our sales are not commissioned and therefore it doesn’t change anything. It is usually just simpler not to train a seasonal employee to do cash as there are several procedures and policies. It’s also easier for managers to have their experienced cashiers working cash because they’re usually faster which is necessary during the holiday season.

    Is it an amazing place to work? No, it’s retail which in general will have some pretty horrible moments (cough, cough... returns and difficult clients). The way I see it, it pays the bills and the teams I have worked with have been amazing, some like family to me! It’s all about the people and not the company. If you’re looking for a part time job, this is a good place to work as long as you have a good team to work with.

    Posted on 2 December 2018 by Rater #115 | Flag as inappropriate

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