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RBC / Banque Royale du Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Bank, Insurance, Financial services

  • left RBC to go to CIBC...best decision i ever made. Still with CIBC and loving every minute of it. Grass was truly greener on the other side. RBC was the worst experience of my life but glad i saw how bad it can be. make me appreciate what i have.

    Posted on 30 April 2018 by Rater #446 | Flag as inappropriate

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I seriously wished I read the reviews before I accepted the job offer. It was a complete waste of my time and energy. I made sure I left ASAP.

Posted on 9 November 2018

RBC training was pathetic. I quite immediately after I realized that they don't know how to train/teach. Its ridiculous considering you're working in a bank and you have to work with many various programs. You would think they would have invested in proper training.

Posted on 9 November 2018

Description of work

RBC Currency Center. (Cash center, CC) Montreal station in the state of Quebec in Canada.

The job is to open the bags of commercial deposits and ATM envelopes. Then, extract the
money from the bags and enter the amounts of the deposits and make the corrections if
necessary. Then we start again this scenario for the following bags. We must respect a minimum
floor of production per hour ... our computers from each workstation constantly calculates our
actions. We need to be paced to synchronize our production. In short, we must act as a good
self-programmable machine. In fact, the computer calculates the time interval between
repositories until you enter the keyboard for subsequent data. All in a sustained rhythm. The
managers (bosses and team leader) have as premises not to trust the professionalism of their
employees. In summary, for the bosses and the team-leader, the production employees are only
industrial machines and not people with good aptitudes. In addition, some "team leaders" and
"swippers" (support officers) are impolite with their employees ... insults are used frequently.
The tone is sharp. Team leaders are intimidating to their employees. So, nothing exciting to
work at the CC station Montreal.

Note that we do not have a problem for individual production to be measured for bonuses, but
we do it with respect. The measure should not be a tool of undue pressure on employees.
In the ATM department (Automated Window) the evaluation procedures are similar. This
department also works with the same problem of working relationship.

Concrete example:

The negative effect is caused by:

In the center of coinage (CC), almost exclusively foreign workers (from different cultural
communities) are hired all mixed (mixed) with workers of Canadian origin, students and deaf
people. This simply avoids the creation of trade union cohesion. By this very fact, RBC CC
Montreal can bully the rights of its workers. Since these people are often grouped by ethnic
groups, therefore, communication is naturally cracked. The students occupy a significant
proportion of the staff of the cash center (DC) for them unionization does not matter being only

switching to DC to make some income from spending for their studies. Finally, the deaf can not
communicate because they use sign language. Opportunities for advancement are virtually nil,
especially for unilinguals.

The only encouraging note is if you succeed in becoming a PL 10 level leader team or commonly
known as a "swipper" you will not be under pressure for production. You have full autonomy at
work and you have complete confidence from the CC Senior Manager. But to get this kind of
position, you have to demonstrate that you are able to put your employees under exaggerated
pressure and see that on one side only the version of the bosses and especially have no
humanistic vision. It should be noted that the bonuses of the team-leaders depend solely on the
production results obtained by their respective groups of employees. This way of evaluating only
degrades the employee's relationships with their team leader. It should be noted that the
premiums of production employees depend solely on their production quotas.

• "Rate my employer" # 417 sums up the situation at RBC CC station Montreal, (See web
http://www.ratemyemployer.ca/Employers/RB/RBC-Canada-Royal-Bank/ QC / 56260? Lang =
en-CA) "My boss is a degenerative, abusive, who has no clue what a manager is supposed to do,
breaks every rule of conduct and she is still there. "

The pseudo safety representative at work.

In order to be safe in the eyes of production employees, the CC department has a pseudo
representative in the field of occupational safety and health. The photo of this representative is
displayed on the walls of the department as to indicate that we take good care of you. So, for
years employees have to use a kind of skateboard in the shape of a square without handlebar to
carry heavy loads. The back bent, the employees must push the board to carry a heavy load
despite the incorrect body position for the kind of work. The prison supervisor, who is our
occupational safety representative, should have noticed a problem with his camera. But no, he
takes pleasure in failing the employees. Dust is omnipresent throughout the department. No
no dust cleaning and filtration system is operational. The restroom and the employees' toilets
represent the state of disrepair. Renovation is more than necessary in the rest room and many
other things are to be done. The bad working climate is caused by:
1-Rhythm of production too high.

2-Leaders consider production employees as no performing, unprofessional, in fact, they are
manufacturing employees.
3-Lack of leadership among employees to defend blatant injustices coming from employers.
4-Lack of fair judgment by production managers.
5-Employees do not know their rights to respect.
They do not dare to bite their hands (RBC hands figuratively) who fed them, therefore their
rights are being bullied. Therefore. For those who want to make a career at RBC at the Cash
Center plan to exceed the regular time slot without pay and to be constantly under undue
pressure. Section 169 of the Canada Labor Code is flouted at will.
Conclusion: In closing, we welcome the new Conservative Government legislation introduced by
the Minister of Labor in Ottawa that will limit the number of foreign workers in Canada. We
know that in the winter of 2011-2012, RBC replaced its Canadian workers with foreigners to
downgrade working conditions. The RBC CEO has even apologized for this voluntary hitch. The
RBC CC misses a great opportunity to prove that the union is not necessary. It seems logical to
us when a group of workers who are not unionized, the employer should show respect. In short,
RBC CC instead of acting as a good parent opts instead to abuse its employees.
Important to mention this: Our boss instead of making his hypocritical greeting tour at the
beginning of each shift should prepare a plan to improve the working climate by hiring an expert
in working relationship. After all, our boss has a budget to hire an assistant (assistant manager)
to support him to make his robotic employees profitable one should be able to do it to help
Damage that working conditions at the RBC CC station Montreal do not reflect those of major
large companies. We are confident that we would all benefit, including RBC customers,
employees and employers, if this employer (RBC CC station Montreal) would act diligently and
with respect to its employees.June 2013.

Posted on 9 July 2018

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