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Princess Auto

Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Produits grande consommation (Autres)

  • Based on the owners attitude alone, I would rate this company as five out of five.
    Based on the owners attitude alone, I call this a one in a million company.

    In my many years at Princess Auto, I found the senior leadership very good at talking about “The Values”. I found the local leadership even better at dismissing
    “The Values.”

    The common phrase repeated in front of other witnesses.

    “Yeah, but we're so busy”

    In my “not quite daily diary” I also recorded; dates, locations, machines, times, and some other things I consider relevant.

    1000+ cleaning off machine at the start of my shift. leader put a cage nearby, so afternoon shift could dispose of the trash properly

    50+ Sundays I walked in to a reach not plugged in.
    1300+ piles of floor sweepings that were waiting at the start of my shift.
    400+ piles of floor sweepings behind the closed door 2.
    400+ turn on the cardboard baler to see a bale made light

    1500+ running out of power before first break.
    200+ days I found crates, like logsplitters etc, under the fire hose fixture across from the shipping doors.
    I also wrote out the lectures I was exposed to every single time afternoon or midnight DIDN'T fix or clean up the trash dayshift left. They did get repetitive over the years,
    I submit, if the values were as relevant as claimed, local leadership would be able to keep new leaders, and pickers.

    Dare I mention; easy Fridays, team building events, meditation sessions, projects, training etc. That the rest of the team heard scuttlebut about?

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