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Princess Auto

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Other Consumer Goods & Services

  • It would be a shorter list to say what is GOOD about this company.. I'll start there...

    - They have awesome benefits for their workers
    - We get quarterly profit sharing cheques (Bonus!!)
    - We get a pension! Who get pensions these days?
    - The company understands people have problems in life. An alcohol problem at work? They'll send you through AA before they fire you. Drug problem? Take some time off and go to rehab, before you lose your job over it.
    - Overall the company's values and culture are pretty over the top of what you find in most other companies. The owner plans on keeping this company a family-run business and you can tell he cares.

    Where the company lacks the most, is in management... Atleast at my location in Winnipeg. The leaders claim when you are hired "we don't do favoritism" which is a complete joke and a half. Their "leaders" hide in their office all day and do not do any "leading" unless it comes to writing people up. They talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk it seems.

    The team members that actually SHOULD be hired as leaders, who actually care and do the work required of a leader, are getting in trouble and scolded, and the extremely incompetent people who do nothing but socialize all day, get no sort of punishment. That is probably the most frustrating thing when it comes to the management skills of our leaders.

    Morale is extremely low at my store, and has alot of trouble keeping employees because of all the drama that goes on behind closed doors. They try to improve it, but because of the initial laziness of the employees that they hire, nothing seems to work.

    Stress levels are pretty high aswell. There is a group of maybe 10 people at my store (about 80 employees total) who do 95% of the workload, and the rest sit around socializing and doing nothing, so it provides alot of frustration, and lots of tension around the building.

    Its not a TERRIBLE place to work, but its definately not the greatest place thats for sure.

    Posted on 17 August 2012 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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