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Princess Auto

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Other Consumer Goods & Services

  • OK, to start with Princess Auto is not really a bad place to work. That said let me begin complaining. Your experience is entirely reliant on who your management is. I worked there for four years and saw some good times and more bad times. I was even management. For a very short time before I stepped down. When I started things were almost fun, the work was boring but the people were fun to work with, the customers were almost all assholes but you get that at any retail or food service job... people are jerks. The problem came when our manager got transferred and we got a guy who came from another store. He was a terrible manager to say the least. He had no idea how to manage the store ad often relied on our awesome assistant manager for advice. He would walk around with a grouchy red face all the time and complain about work but if you said one thing, no matter how negative, and he would pull you aside to talk about it as if he was some shining pillar of good vibes. If you talked about anything to any of the management you became their personal joke. And then things got worse when another manager transferred to our store, and she was not only a bitch, but she was the worst work shifter of any person I've ever met. Never did anything and always went home early, and rarely left the office even for pages to the front. Everyone knew this... and yet she got promoted to assistant manager after the other one left. Things spiraled quickly from there, staff started dropping and replacements were slow to not at all, meanwhile the amount of store sales doubled and the customers tripled. There were days when we'd have one person on the floor for nearly eight hours, four times that was me. |Twice on sale days, with not a manager on the floor to speak of. Anyhow, somehow things got even worse, and I left. However there are good things to talk about. First we'll start with the owner Bob, he's great, good outlook on the company, actually cares about the employees (it's just hard to handle as many as he has) and he is willing to pay you halfway decent. The other thing of course is the pay. It's not too shabby, we even got a cost of living increase in BC after the government said no to raising the minimum wage. I got raises when I should and even at other times when they weren't mandatory. If it wasn't for the management that I'm sure is still in charge over there the place would have been decent to work for. Unfortunately that's not the case.

    Posted on 4 May 2011 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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