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  • "People quit management, not companies"

    You are very underpaid for what you do, and seriously overworked. Constantly lied to by middle level management. A family run business with dramatic nepotism, and outright incompetence evident thruout the middle management levels which you will have to interact with.

    After year one you kinda figure out what you're doing.

    By year two you're pretty good at it.

    In year three you start to realize the ship you are sailing on has always been rudderless and going in circles, while occasionally brushing up against icebergs while you are being told that the waters are warm, and it's OK to go for a swim.

    If you make it this far you usually end up leaving by year 4 or 5, as I, and many, many, others before me have done.

    This company has more employee turnover than most of the dealerships that they service. Why does this matter ? Well, you cannot do your job alone, and there are other people in your department, as well and others in different areas, which you will need to assist you. When the experienced and "genuine" people bail out, you're left with the incompetent lifers and the rookies to deal with. Department managers cover for each other and their own departmental inefficiencies. Hiring isn't done by who is best qualified for some jobs, but by rather who is the cheapest and most likely to go with the flow. I've walked in on BS sessions where people with 1 year of experience are griping about the things they see on a daily basis that need to be changed in order for the company to be better. But does anything ever happen ?? Nope, because it will mean work and it will also expose the serious character and management flaws in the entrenched herd of middle managers, many of whom were acquired from small corporate acquisitions years ago, and are virtually unmarketable outside of PBS today.
    The sales department lies blatantly to customers in their presentations and you have to answer for it when you are onsite installing the software. The middle level managers will occasionally hold meetings telling you how to talk to the clients, loading you lip so to speak, or lie, as I prefer to call it. The software is not bad, but it could be better, much better, if time was spent actually working on the issues rather than rushing out different things that don't really matter in the big picture.
    I'll stop now because I am getting all wound up again, and except for the obvious positive reviews posted by staff working there, everything else that I have read here and on the other websites is 100% for real.

    Posted on 13 February 2018 by Rater #15 | Flag as inappropriate

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