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Paladin Security Group

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Security

  • I have never experienced such indignity in my life as when i worked for this place. on top of paying garbage (1 dollar above minimum wage.) they would not provide access to bathrooms, shelter, or even heat at remote sites. and during the winter months in BC this can be genuinely dangerous. I am truly grateful for my coworkers on Mobile who managed to visit every hour to help me warm up and prevent Hypothermia during the winter months when i could not refuse what little shifts i was offered. I never grasped why it was necessary for guards to pee in a bush at a sub station in the outskirts of downtown like a dog rather than provide access to the outhouses within the fenced area. this alone should illustrate to people just how they view their employees. NEVER work for these people

    On top of the terrible wage Paladin Security pays, their idea of a christmas bonus for the guards is a $5 Starbucks card while management gets triple digit cheques.I threw it back at the mobile super that gave it to me I was so disgusted.

    As for the Management, every last one of them belongs in a North Korean prison camp hauling coal from dawn to dusk. as i have illustrated, they have no respect for their employees dignity, and physical well being. I'm just glad i was able to bend management over the desk before i left by getting thousands back for unpaid overtime.

    Posted on 9 August 2018 by Rater #157 | Flag as inappropriate

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