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Ontario Power Generation Inc.


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water)

  • A total soul crushing experience. If you want a job working for an overstaffed company where union workers do as little as possible during normal hours in order to claim overtime, or senior management who loves to micromanage their staff and take no accountability when something goes wrong then this is the company for you. This is a place where a majority of the staff and leadership have worked all of their lives for this one employer and have no idea how things work outside OPG and are completely incapable of learning anything new or innovative. Their HR department is totally useless. If you have an issue, calling your HR rep is useless as they refuse to answer calls or respond to emails. The conventional side seems better managed, but the nuclear side is a train wreck. Their current refurbishment project at Darlington is way over budget and behind schedule. They continually fail to learn from their mistakes and their leadership has the same philosophy as our Prime Minister. Don't worry about costs as the budget will take care of itself. Totally incompetent at executing any projects in nuclear. Its no wonder that ever major nuclear project is over budget and behind schedule with the team that they have.

    Posted on 2 November 2020 by Rater #16 | Flag as inappropriate

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