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Ontario Power Generation Inc.


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water)

  • This was once a wonderful company to work for (about 12 years ago), before the separation into 2 units. Compensation and benefits continue to be top notch, in fact I doubt that you could find better anywhere else...Unfortunately the workplace environment became socially toxic and employee morale hit rock bottom and stayed there. Certain ill-mannered, incompetent and ethically-challenged managers were allowed free reign over their subordinates. Higher level managers turned a blind eye and legitimate complaints fell on deaf ears as anger, hate, hostility, humiliation, intimidation and harassment became became the norm. Overpaid middle managers abused their powers as they sought to inflate their yearly bonuses. If you happened to disagree with one of these important men or unintentionally make one of them appear foolish, your chances of promotion were squashed and they would start a personal vendetta aimed at forcing you to quit. In short, he would make your life extremely miserable. This is what happened to me. This is why I left. Most of my co-workers left as well. Many became ill before they could leave (myself included), and others died prematurely.
    Such a shame because it didn't have to turn out that way. I hope it can be turned around.

    Posted on 16 November 2012 by Rater #11 | Flag as inappropriate

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