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NexJ Systems

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: IT: Software

  • Remember that employees are treated as disposables, with no respect and/or dignity - hence the high turnover rates... Directors and their cronies run this place and get away with just about anything. All employees are clearly divided into favorites/cronies and ultimate outsiders. If you are not skilled at back-stubbing, snitching and gossiping, this is likely not the most rewarding place for you... Cronies and favorites get cherished, promoted and publicly praised. They can also have the 'privilege' of their own schedule, easy access to Director and travel...

    Apart from being put down and humiliated (when you are not a crony), you will be roped into all sorts of meetings lasting all day long, with an expectation that you will do your actual work duties at your own time - that is evenings, weekends and often nights, without being compensated for it... If you are dare not to obey that kind of “afterhours” routine, then you will be singled out as an outsider, publicly chastised and ignored all the way. Yes, I have seen this happened.
    Prepare to be overworked and treated as trash. Your sense of worthiness will plummet and dissolve over time, while the kiss-uppers will thrive in the environment of sheer power game and favoritism. Staff is always overworked and too scared to complain. And who would they complain to? Directors? HR? Senior Management

    Do not expect to be heard if you complain, HR is completely unconcerned with the status quo, and do not play any particular strong role in making things right. Directors think they are gods and that they can treat you any whichever way they please... Too, they do the minimal amount of work that will ensure they are keeping their positions, while drawing enormous salaries and benefits. Micromanaging is the favorite ad --- seems the only way of managing people in this place... They give all the lip service about life/work balance and do everything to create exactly the opposite.
    Plus there is tons of “harsh politics” to get the basic things done and lack of support to those to want to make a difference.

    Oh, and the town hall meetings... another nice place to get stranded at... you can hear all about how magnificent of a job NexJ Systems does for the banking clients. This is a very sad place to be. If you can help it, avoid at all costs and look for better opportunities out there. I have seen very fine people leaving because they were unable to put up with all this bad stuff that is happening there on everyday basis...

    Posted on 12 January 2018 by Rater #8 | Flag as inappropriate

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