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  • Very poor atmosphere and culture they train dispatchers to be aggressive against technicians who deny to do work they feel unsafe about or are uncomfortable to do the managers are very incopatant and have no proper skills in the trade and are very skilled in micromanaging their technicians. Paychecks are always short and they pretend they make mistakes alot of guys are getting ripped off by pay here and do not know it. They are a billable hours company which means you get paid per job if they decide there's no work then you spend your own time driving and waiting around until the next job comes up end up working 10 hour days and get paid for 6 or 7. No praise or incentives they are a hoax they pretend to have all these benefits when they interview you and soon to find out it is all fake. The previous posts about how good of a place it is to work here are written and posted by management to hire new guys and lure potential employees because they are desperate for employees no one applies to work here who's seen and been in the industry.

    Posted on 28 November 2018 by Rater #14 | Flag as inappropriate

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