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  • Fast pace exciting environment with something new and different to tackle every day. Company has taken lots of new improvements recently with new upper management, many changes (for the better) going on right now. There are several different divisions in the company so it never get boring which I like. Lots of training offered to technicians & office staff (there is an in house training school for technical at Milani which I really like) There is also lots of room to move your way up the company foodchain in the various departments as this company does Heating, AC, Plumbing, Drainage, Restoration Services, Commercial and Industrial work, HVAC, residential work and electrical work. There is also good pay and benefits - most notable managers really reward good hard work. There is also lots of bonuses that the company hands out for those wanting to make some extra cash. The company is very large with lots of job security as they have been around for over 60+ years and are the biggest in BC with over 100 service vehicles and I think maybe 140 staff total. It's nice to know these guys are not going anywhere and will be around for another 60 years to come.

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