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Michaels Arts and Crafts


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Recreation

  • If you're interested in a job as a replenishment associate, be prepared for very early mornings (3:00 and 5:00am), minimum wage (despite their claims of "competitive wages") and absolutely unrealistic expectations as to how much you are supposed to get done each day. Do not expect to advance at all in this position, as you will not. It does not matter how long you work there or how great of a job you do, you will remain a part time replenishment associate. Yes, I guess there is the very slim chance that your replenishment manager either leaves or gets a promotion and you may have a shot at that position, but that's really it. At my store there are only two non managers who are full time. One is the custom florist, and the other has been with the company for probably fifteen years, so they may have been hired on as a full timer when they started. There have been no instances of any part time associates becoming full time. It is just not something they do. You also will not receive benefits as a part time associate.

    Don't expect any sort of recognition for a job well done either. The harder you work and the better you are at your job will only cause them to pile even more work and much higher expectations on to you. From what I've seen at my store from various associates over the years, slacking off or being unreliable doesn't seem to be much of a problem to them, though. Basically, don't expect to be treated any better just because you work hard, stay late and come in for extra shifts, because you won't be.

    Another issue is the constant heat in the store. It is truly unbearable, but there is no concern for the people who work when the store is closed, so don't expect them to run the air conditioning unless it's during store hours, but they will absolutely have the heat turned on at all hours once September hits. Obviously this makes it very tough when you are working hard unloading a truck or putting out stock all morning.

    You will also be expected to haul out the garbage every day and perhaps even do the cleaning if your store is too cheap to employ an actual cleaner. Any sort of labour intensive job or "grunt" work that you can think of will fall to replenishment.

    If all of that still sounds ok to you and you're curious about the employee discount, it's 30% off regular and sale priced merchandise. But honestly, please reconsider. I promise you that you're worth more than they will ever give you.

    Posted on 22 November 2016 by Rater #29 | Flag as inappropriate

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