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Michaels Arts and Crafts


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Recreation

  • I would caution anyone from working for this company. Its all about the Total Net Earnings. Yes, companies should strive to max out profit, but not as a meat grinder for its employees. Hourly people are spread so thin or under such outrageous expectations, I really have no idea, why they stay to do their jobs. Each store is a rotation for low wage people and the ones that do stay are treated like third world sweatshop workers (ask any "replenishment crew member" or "Floor service" worker. As for salary, the offer seems interesting and they bring you to Dallas for some ass kissing. You end up working 55 plus hours every week, over 70 hours November and December (mandatory), The hours are so low, people paid so little, head office changing focus and direction almost daily, you literally have no choice but to put in the hours. Environmental awareness, HR support, Teamwork for the top, its non existent. I worked for the company for 2 years, and I didnot know 1 salary manager who was happy /proud of their job. This company literially beat you down, keeps you so busy, you almost miss you joy and your ethics. Its not a matter of learning the job, or management talent/skills, it's the organization (top to bottom), the model, the leadership,people in the key positions, set the tone, and you change and adapt. I took the money, got into the company culture, and set aside my morals, ethics and values. But at a great cost, the company actually sucks all your life and everyone else for as much money as it can possible squeeze out. If your a customer, don't even get me started on the markup or the made in China for pennies and markup... they got that sorted right. At Michael's, the slogan is "Where creativity happens", the reality is not creative at all, the slogan should be Michael's "Bring Money".

    Posted on 2 August 2013 by Rater #23 | Flag as inappropriate

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