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Michaels Arts and Crafts


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Recreation

  • The manager is thoughtless, making promises he has no intention of keeping in order to keep staff from quitting (ie:full time, raises, better hours). There is virtually no consistancy in scheduling and if the schedule conflicts with your life in anyway that is your problem. This company follow's the policy that noboby is irreplaceable, which means they feel it is fine to mistreat and ignore valid staff complaints and loyalty is nil. Because of managments attitude employee moral is non existant, which is even more sad knowing that Michaels has some amazing people working for them who would be willing to go the extra distance with a little encouragement. Michaels seems to work on false promises and lies, they tell employees what they need to hear in order to keep them from moving on until people are fed up and quit without notice.
    There is a huge amount of pressure put on staff to upsell whether a customer needs additional items or not, if sales are down staff is blamed with management taking no responsibility for themselves or their store. In fighting between management is rampant, with managers complaining to employee's about each other, often trying to enlist staff to take one side or the other. Should an employee take the "wrong side or voice an opinon which differ's from the manager's hour's are often cut and the employee is made to know that they are "on thin ice" refusing to get involved can result in same.
    Michaels is full of immature people unwilling to take any responsibility for themselves or their actions, higher management is usually middle aged but CEM's (Customer Experience Manager) aka supervisor's are predominantly young (early to mid 20's). Whatever age, the feeling is often that of a junior high school dance.

    Posted on 24 October 2012 by Rater #18 | Flag as inappropriate

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