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Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Commerce de détail

  • This company was great to work for 7 years ago but has since become an egotistical environment. Managed by cocky district managers brought in from sport check. They do NOT keep their word nor do they support growth and development. Managers gossip to one another about their staff within districts. They took benefits, bonuses and all
    Incentive to work away from staff. Including our job descriptions. I have works here 8 years and have been a supervisor for 6. I have made less than a 2 dollar raise in 8 years , which included 3 minimum wage increases and a promotion. I now (since 2014) have the same job describtion as the 16 year old who started in November. I also make LESS than a filler more than him. 8 years, no reward. We are constantly asked to put more effort and care into our work. The money they took away from us for our bonus now supports a yearly managers 4 day getaway. I also am no longer guaranteed more than 4 hours a week. But I hold a key to the store and am expected to perform managerial duties. I no longer recommend working for ANY Canadian tire company!
    Sport check
    Canadian tire

    Publié le 10 mars 2015 par Évaluateur #10 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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I agree. The company is being run by horribly. Or at least it seems so as the people representing the company ( managers and district managers) aren't trying or informed or even have a background in retail. I looked at our job descriptions and our manager rarely performs in his "leadership"'responsibilities. And our district manager who worked for sportcheck previously is miserable. And his threats and bad attitude comes off in our managers attitude. Either this company is going to shit or corporate needs to be more careful with who they want representing their company.

Publié le 21 mai 2016

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