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  • This company recently acquired us from Stericycle Communications.
    They made a huge show of promising that our work lives would get better by improving office space as well as workload balance.
    In a matter of months they have taken away our two 15 minute breaks. They have changed our policies and taken away our seniority rights (some of us have been at this workplace for 8 to 15 years).
    They have had some of our benefits terminated due to not enough hours worked when the hours and shifts have been cut short.
    Basically they have destroyed our culture, our employment security and our morale.

    They have terminated our employee hardship program that allows us to help each other during financial hardship and they continue to promote American charities that they want us to donate to.

    This is a horrible American company that has no regard for us as human beings and no respect for Canadian values.

    I wouldn't wish this treatment on my worst enemy.

    They lied to make us feel hopeful and the moment they officially acquired us, they broke every promise made.

    Stay away.

    Publié le 24 juin 2020 par Évaluateur #1 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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