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  • A very corrupt, dishonest and unethical glorified frat house of a workplace in Manitoba.

    Tenant information is not respected and privileged entitled management who benefit and profit off of poverty refer to tenants as the "non-pretty people" with lower IQ's who all deserve to live in social housing "for a reason".

    Employee tours of Manitoba Housing properties are for crass amusement only. Preferred staff are unqualified undereducated friends or former partners of management needing a golden ticket to a government job with benefits and a pension.

    Training opportunities and advancement are restricted to those with potential or existing personal relationships with much older male management.

    Security Officers bully call takers and tenants. Call takers are forced to drop calls from tenants looking for social supports, as well as to regularly clap and sing on command in the middle of crisis situations to celebrate birthdays and unposted promotions of select young female employees with grade 10 education whenever management commands.

    If you dare speak out against partners of management for any reason, breaches of tenants rights or homophobic, racist bullying you will likely find yourself immediately demoted to the least desirable and least safe shifts with a loss of income with no notice.

    Diversity of any kind is a target for daily ridicule and lived experience (coming from Housing, disclosing a health issue, being in any way different) is vilified rather than valued. Anyone who speaks up against bullying is cut off from communication and information needed to do their jobs, and then reprimanded and called failures for making mistakes.

    This is a toxic painful workplace that should be avoided at all costs - and especially avoid the selective "safe rides" home after late shifts - taking your chances walking the downtown streets of Winnipeg at 1AM will at least allow you to keep your dignity and values.

    Posted on 12 August 2019 by Rater #2 | Flag as inappropriate

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