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Macadamian Technologies


Taille de l'entreprise : Moyenne (50 - 499 employés)

Industrie : TI: Logiciel

  • Macadamian is a software services company. It gets contracts to make software for customers, from large to small. The stream of contracts naturally ebbs and flows, which presents them with a significant challenge when it comes to staffing. On the one hand, having all developers work as contractors is costly, and having them as full-time employees is inelastic. This is a problem that is not easily solved, however, they have found a solution: hire people to work as full-time, salaried employees, and simply lay them off when there isn't enough work to keep them busy. The software industry is prolific enough that they can get away with this approach with no consequence; they win awards for employee satisfaction all the time.

    Almost everyone that works as a developer or PM at Macadamian has either been there for a decade, or for less than two years. There is a core group of developers and PMs that will never be laid off, and in fairness, most of them are quite sharp and a pleasure to work with, so good for them.

    The company has a great work environment, though lately it has been poisoned with tacky attempts at trying to be as cool as Shopify. The great working environment is more thanks to the actual people that work there than the company itself.

    Work at Macadamian if you want a fun ride that will end abruptly.

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