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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • My first official job at Loblaw’s and it is absolutely awful, next to no training, they ask way too much of one person, and all for minimum wage you can end up feeling like a slave pretty quick there, final verdict, I would rather keep my babysitting job with 2 brats than work at Loblaw’s ever again I've been with the company for 2 years now and things are turning for the worst I noticed my manager never being there which caused all my fellow employees to do whatever they want in which they would take many breaks throughout the day sometimes a 20-30 minute break every 2 hours because they simply didn't want to work and pinned all their work on me. Not only was I belittled by some of the staff but customers can be such pains in the rear sometimes I would need to take breaks because I would be in tears over how I was treated. I tried talking to the store managers/supervisors to only be told in return and i quote deal with it So I tried every shift to do my best and make sure I get all my work done sometimes staying late to finish because other people would pin all the work on me and leave without me knowing I worked myself to the bone at this job and for what? For example I have worked 4 days straight for pride week/weekend Thursday-Sunday come Monday I was so exhausted sore and not up for anything that I couldn’t get out of bed and slept for 2 days straight I can't say anything positive about this place. Maybe if you are a student looking to earn some money while in school it's great but a young adult trying to save for anything in their lives or trying to survive stay clear of Loblaw’s

    Posted on 6 July 2019 by Rater #548 | Flag as inappropriate

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I would talk to your Union Rep ASAP!

Posted on 8 July 2019

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