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  • Omg the owner of lipmonthly and spicy subscription, Bryden is an organization nightmare.
    He can't provide employees with a schedule, cause he can't organize himself. He never knows when his product is coming in. He can't organize himself enough to provide proper supplies ( ie
    Gloves, tape). He doesn't property communicate how many boxes need to be packed for each order.
    Today. He took off about 1/2 hour into the shift, left us to work alone all day in warehouse. He said he wanted to go home as he had calls to make. We packed boxes all day for spicy. He didn't tell us how many were needed.

    While Bryden was gone, We labelled all the spicy boxes that needed to be shipped out but ran out of mailing labels and called Bryden, we told him the number of boxes that were stickered and the number of missing labels. He finally came back to the office. Then we
    discovered that apparently he put lip monthly on the stickers for a spicy order. So we had to reprint them all.

    Ups was coming between 2 and 5 pm to pick up the boxes.
    We had to resticker 310 boxes cause Bryden printed out the wrong stickers. Then he didn't have tape needed to build the big boxes for the UPS to load the 350 smaller boxes in. So Rosanna my coworker and I had to wait for him to go to the store and come back. We barely got the order finished in time to be shipped out.

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