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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Motor Vehicules (sales, parts, services)

  • This is my honest opinion. It may not reflect the entire company but it is my honest opinion from what I have seen working at one plant, which may or may not be an outlier in this regard.

    Worked there for a decent amount of time before leaving. Even before I started I heard terrible things, saw bad things from the first week (unsafe work, accidents) but chose to stay longer to see if it would get better. I was wrong. I could write a novel on, in my opinion, how many things this management screws up and how poorly they treat their employees and the lousy quality of what they make is; however I will just highlight the most important: IN MY OPINION THIS PLACE IS UNSAFE. They know beforehand when outside parties are coming in and they have stopped blatantly dangerous activity for that time period. I have seen this. PEOPLE LITERALLY HAVE DIED HERE. ACCIDENTS PLENTIFUL DUE TO, IN MY OPINION, POOR SAFETY STANDARDS. Honestly, in my experience and opinion one could make the argument that the unofficial culture has it that those that bring up safety concerns are harassed, threatened, their work is made harder. I have read about, but I must stress have not seen, supervisors encouraging employees to stick hands into live cells to clear a jam. I have heard from other employees of SAFETY LOCK OUT TAG OUT LOCKS BEING CUT WITHOUT TALKING TO THE LOCK OWNER. I know that to get machines working quickly to prevent downtime SAFETY CIRCUITS HAVE BEEN JUMPED instead of taking the time to find and fix the issue with the machine. I have seen workers not provided with any training on dangerous machinery operation. Sure, these may be "off events" and signs of a single poor plant or managers, but the amount of this type of behaviour I have seen in my opinion paints the company as a culture of negligence in this regard. Safety is not well enforced in my opinion, oh you want to grind? No face shield recommended, no face mask recommended, here is a cheap piece of eye protection and go ahead and breathe carcinogenic grinder dust for 6 hours every day if you are new and don't know any better. Few people here are unfortunately smart enough to research what they are using/holding; many times they are not told/encouraged about proper PPE by supervisors. I am not a medical professional but in my humble opinion the risk of long term health damage to some workers due to prolonged exposure to dangerous chemicals without proper PPE here is HIGH. Painting with carcinogenic paint has been done in worker areas. Workers there do not have proper respiratory protection. Welding has been done without helmets, just closing the eyes.

    You can do better than this place. In my opinion it should in all honesty be investigated and managers should be held personally responsible by the government for, in my opinion, the poor safety.

    And that's just the safety aspect. Many other things they do is unethical or possibly illegal in my opinion...

    In my opinion this is why they so often hire immigrants that don't speak english and don't know they should be treated better.

    Posted on 21 January 2017 by Rater #49 | Flag as inappropriate

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