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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Motor Vehicules (sales, parts, services)

  • I was a CNC Machine Operator and my experience at Linamar was terrible. I would not recommend working at Linamar. The place I worked at had no ventilation and fumes were everywhere. The place is like North Korea and Frank Hasenfratz is the beloved “Dear Leader”. On the day I was hired at orientation while referring to Hasenfratz someone referred to him as Frank instead of Mr. Hasenfratz and this woman who was talking said “Excuse me, how dare you call him Frank? Do you know him? Are you on a first name basis with him?” All of a sudden I had that strange feeling that I was a pilgrim in an unholy land. There’s no safety to speak off and nobody in management cares about respiratory problems. If you complain about the fumes they’ll tell you that eventually you’ll get used to it. In other words, the cells in your nose will die and you’ll no longer have a problem because you’ll no longer be able to detect that you’re being intoxicated. There is no heat in winter and no ventilation in summer. You’re basically working in a sweat shop. Linamar is like the “Twilight Zone”, once you go in to work you’ve entered an alternate universe where the normal rules of reality no longer apply. After you go to work you get the strange feeling that you’re no longer in Canada and have somehow been transported to a third world country. The work is hard, very hard by all standards of measurement HARD! You’ll be lifting tons everyday and working on many different machines at the same time. Now that’s similar to other manufacturers but I have to emphasize that the quota at Linamar is way above the MAXIMUMS at other places. On average they expect you to do about 1 ½ times the work than the other places do. If you don’t comply they show up with a red marker and write on the board to let you know that you’re below the expected numbers. Get too many of those and they write you up after which they fire you for not being competitive. Breaks at Linamar are 10 minutes and 20 minutes for lunch. Travel time is included in this. That’s all you get and you’re on the clock all the time. Spying is very common and the favourites are always on the lookout for ways to promote themselves by spying on you. You’ll get random people that you’ve never spoken too come up to you on the line to ask you how you like it here then praise the company after which they let you know how high your salary is! Always lie to them and agree with them if you want to stay employed. Like I said “North Korea”…! Contract people get fired for anything. Miss a day and you will be fired, if you’re on probation that’s even harder for you because they literally fire you for anything. Did you break your leg? Come to work and do 12 hours otherwise you will be fired! The pay at Linamar is $14 an hour. If you meet or exceed your quota you will get what they call a Quantity Bonus which brings your pay up to $18 however, contract people and temps don’t get this so you’re doing all that hard work for nothing. The funny thing is that they pay you more for your quota if you reach it but they fire you if you fail to meet it too many times! They have mandatory overtime and expect you to work 48 hours a week. In fact, they make you sign that you will be available for 48 hours of work a week no matter what. That’s not a simple matter considering how hard the work is. There is a huge difference between a 12 hour shift at Tim Hortons and a 12 hour shift at Linamar. If you’re a hard worker and you want more money then Linamar is a good place to get overtime but believe me you won’t last long before you get injured. Linamar is not a place where you will have a career and the people who have stayed there are usually there because they’ve made team leader or supervisor. Generally workers don’t last more than 2 years and that’s a stretch.

    Posted on 23 July 2014 by Rater #31 | Flag as inappropriate

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Very bad company.Nothing good about Linamar.
You will sure regret after joining.cheap money,no family life, rotation shift, 6 days a week ,no time guarantee ,hard work,no respect and motivation.Just very below below standard company.
Not recommend for my enemies.

Posted on 9 December 2016

This was the most honest amazing review yet. Well said, well said. Couldn't of said it any better. This place is a sweat shop. Complete joke. A real shame too actually. Look else where people. They own your life the second you walk in there. No ethics whatsoever. They aren't even completely honest with the QB there. They'll give you every excuse in the book not to pay the money that you deserve. They get their parts and shipment. You get nothing.

Posted on 29 July 2014


Injuries are common but most of the minor ones don’t get reported. People are always walking funny after work because their feet and knees are injured. Unfortunately, some are not so lucky like a person doing maintenance who was badly burned by an arc flash. The company was fined and also fined for criminal negligence. That’s just the way it is…!!! Besides this I have to mention that the plant I was at was dirty, and dark. The noise inside was deafening. Picture your stereo at maximum and then some. Even with hearing protection my ears have been damaged and the ringing in them won’t stop. Some people say that if you need a job then come to Linamar and move on. Sure, if you don’t get hurt but even if you make it through you can forget about getting any references from them, the place is like a cult of liars. If you want to leave they’ll stop talking to you immediately so you’re wasting your time making friends with the supervisors.

Posted on 23 July 2014

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