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Les Studios Longtail Quebec


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Arts, Entertainment, Recreation

  • Longtail Studios are a great employer in Quebec City. There is a lot of work in progress to improve intern communications and relationships with other offices of the company. Projects are cool and conditions are great. Paid overtime, no stress and good relationship with the management that takes the time to ask us how we’re feeling. Definitely the best job I’ve got.

    Posted on 29 October 2008 by Rater #3 | Flag as inappropriate

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Never work there. Nova-scotia, P.E.I, Quebec, or even New-York. Here, in Quebec City, they fired 40 employees for obscure reasons. The projects are very badly managed. The work ambiance sucks. It's like working in a sweat shop, but instand of making t-shirts you make bad video games.

They've got a great communication work here, thank you rater3 I can tell you're writing this within the company.

Véritablement le pire employeur que j'ai eu de ma vie. Les méthodes de gestion du personnel sont quasi innexistantes, c'est une vrai tour de babel. Le travail est très mal organisé, il n'y a aucune possibilité d'avancement, la compagnie s'installe là où il y a des subventions un peu comme un parasite. La compagnie ne laisse virtuellement rien au millieu où elle s'installe sauf de maigres salaires sans véritables équité entre employés.

Posted on 18 November 2009

Possibility of a position in your studio. Very exciting sounding a company, strangely not as in the games industry public eye as EA or Bioware. Is this on purpose and a good thing?
Would love to know more about your city and how your teams day to day life is within the studio, Meetings, Tutorials, Sweatbox Discussions etc?

Thanks for the very helpful review again..

Posted on 25 January 2009

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