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LCBO / Liquor Control Board of Ontario


Taille de l'entreprise : Grande (Plus de 500 employés)

Industrie : Gouvernement et Administration publique

  • I am currently working at the LCBO as a "fixed term" employee---meaning that my contract is for three weeks in December. My first day of work was on Dec. 3 and I will not see my first paycheck until Dec. 28th. I was not made aware that the LCBO holds back the first two weeks of pay. There is now a very strict dress code (blue shirt, black pants, black shoes). I spent about $130 on clothing that I will never wear again and that the LCBO will not be reimbursing me for. My manager knows that I rely on public transportation to get to work but still scheduled me for several shifts that end after public transportation is available. (Sometimes it feels like my co-workers hate me because I ask to leave 5 minutes early so that I can catch the last bus------even though I make up the time by shortening my lunches and breaks). Still, I have spent $50 on cabs to get home when the buses were not running. One time I asked a co-worker for a ride home so I could save $$$ on a cab. I feel like an asshole because no one has ever offered me a ride but I still get dirty looks when I ask to leave five minutes early to catch the bus. Yesterday, my manager told me that the light blue shirt that I was wearing was not the "right colour of blue"so, if I wore it again, he would have to send me home. I had to spend another $20 on a second shirt that was the "right colour of blue". When reconciling my till at the end of the night, I have either come out even, or, been a few dollars over. When my till is "over" the manager says "oh, that's okay" and the LCBO keeps the money. Tonight, I was short by $18 and was informed that it will be coming out of my paycheck. So, the LCBO keeps $$$ when the till is over balance, but I have to pay when the balance is under. I have been working for 3 weeks. I have basically paid $200 in order to work at the LCBO for three weeks. AND, I will not see my first paycheck for another week! On a positive note:99% of the customers that I have been in contact with have been GREAT! ----- Even when they have waited in long lineups to pay for their stuff, they have been pleasant and understanding. The customers are great to deal with. The management, not so much. In summary, I would say that if you don't need the money and don't care about how you are treated by management (and co-workers who are in competition for hours) then the LCBO is an okay place to work at for a hobby or if you are semi-retired. If you need a job to survive and pay your bills, don't bother.

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I know how you feel. LCBO hired a bunch of PT staff in September at various stores under the same conditions mentioned above except that our employment was on going. They over worked some new staff scheduling us to work mixed shifts(days and evenings) 13 days straight without a day off. The excuse was that the store was experiencing a high turnover. It didn't make sense because some new employees were getting little to no hours at all? Why not just even out the hours? This would reduce some of the conflict over hours. I think they wanted the PT staff to quit. I found out they were bringing in the fixed term staff and they didn't need to keep so many PT staff going into January. Perhaps a high turnover rate of new employees will also help the union to convince LCBO to hire more FT employees.------The stress was not worth it so I accepted a new job and ended up leaving LCBO after only a couple of months. I have to agree with you that after the costs of uniform, record check and travel expenses I hardly made any money working with LCBO. I was excited when I was first hired by the LCBO, I thought working for the government would have been a far better experience. ------(If your not a drinker do not apply to the LCBO. I think the managers and the full-time staff are definitely experts with the product if you know what I mean ;)

Publié le 13 février 2018

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