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La Vie en Rose


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I just recently quit after being employed with La Vie En Rose for about a month. It started out alright and they were willing to train because a lot of the employees that they hired including myself were new to retail. To be completely honest, the only plus for this company is the discount, but truthfully that's not even worth it. I felt somewhat discriminated by the management while working there. I was one of the youngest employees. I guess my age is what provoked them to forget about me. Opening day of the store, they forgot to call me to tell me that they were opening early so I showed up in the outfit that was said to be okay for the three set up days, only to be told it was unacceptable. They asked me to go home and change and if I could work until closing instead of my 4 hour shift which was okay with me, but I had no way to get home because busses don't take debit cards. I then spent $50 on a "dressy" outfit so I could work that day. I worked a 7.25 hour shift, however they forgot about me again for my break. According to labour relations, an employee must receive a 30 minute unpaid meal break after working 5 consecutive hours. However, on my shift, I received my break after working 6 hours which felt completely pointless. As well, before I was hired I wrote days I wasn't available for because of prior commitments and when I reminded my manager she was very hesitant to give them off to me and told me I wasn't allowed to take off any days in August. They also kept giving me two 4 hour shifts a week, one was a call-in shift. The time I called in the assistant manager was quite rude and said that they yet again forgot about me. The lack of hours and flexibility provoked me to quit. I asked my manager to give the rest of my shifts to my friend who was asking for more shifts (whom is the same age as me as well) and the manager wasn't too thrilled. 5 minutes later I received a text from my friend saying she just got laid off due to "her lack of experience and performance during opening week" and there was no further position available for her. Quite frankly, this company is by far one of the worst I have ever been employed with and I would not recommend it to anyone.

    Posted on 12 July 2012 by Rater #7 | Flag as inappropriate

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