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La Vie en Rose


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • You are losing out when you are working for this company. When you are first hired, they give the illusion that they are supportive for employee's growth and well being.

    They first give you plenty of hours and are willing to guide you through for you to be more knowledgeable but it is clear from the start that you are only a number to the company and they highly devalue you. They only care about the numbers that you bring in (although we are not commissioned). After few weeks, expect your hours to fluctuate dramatically. I have had two weeks where they gave me no hours at all. If you want to work at this job, you need a second job for sure.

    You are not cash trained for at least a month and you can not rely that the girl that is on cash would actually take down your name for the sales when the customers said your name. There were strong sense of senority where people with less senority could not perform certain tasks that are needed for the job.

    When you are helping the customers, many times you are unable to as the size or make that they are looking for are not available in the back and you are constantly feeling embarrassed and bad about not having what they wanted and losing their sales. If the company wants us to sell, they should at least have consistent stock.

    The management is what makes the job unbearable. They mictomanage you all the time, talk amongst themselves about personal matters when customers are in front of them, have no reservations about embarrassing you in front of the customers, and cut/change hours last minute for their own convenience. The most frustrating part is when they would not take responsibilities for themselves. For example, when there are piles of clothes to be put away, they tell you to do it no matter how busy you are when they do not have any other responsibilities to attend to. The management adjust hours to be less than what you actually worked and gives you a conspicuous attitude when you are only going about your day. This another example of how they think senority gives them the right to belittle other employees. They are hypocrites who promote team work when every one has to be put for themselves to meet their numbers.

    They try to undermine Victoria's Secret and La Senza, their competitors, when I think that La vie en rose as a company is the one who needs to assess their values. When I first started out, I ignored these negative reviews thinking that only people that had negative experiences left reviews but please, do not work for this company because the reviews that I have read were so spot on. This company is the definition of disease that exists in capitalism. All the greed, curroption of power, failing to see workers as more than a number.

    Posted on 10 June 2019 by Rater #24 | Flag as inappropriate

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