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La Vie en Rose


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • When I was first hired, I received absolutely no training at all and was expected to "watch and learn". When I do something wrong, I get told off by the manager even though the manager never teaches me the correct way until after I make a mistake. The other reviews are dead on when they say that as an employee of this company, you are only a number. Even though we do not work on commission, we are given daily quotas that we are told to reach. The quotas are extremely unfair as a person working a 5 hour shift has the same quota as someone working an 8 hour shift. If you do not make over $300 a day, you are scolded and compared to the other employees who have done better than you. This is extremely stressful and you feel badly about your numbers even though in the long run, they don't even matter. You get no compensation for reaching your number and the opportunity for being promoted is extremely low. And you never get rewarded for the hard work that you do put in. No matter how much cleaning, hanging, putting away, or organizing you do, it is equal to doing nothing if you don't make your numbers.

    Granted, the atmosphere is mainly positive. Most of the girls are friendly towards you and will assist you if you need it. You will make many friends so long as you are willing to engage yourself in conversations and be nice to everyone. There have been some stealing of sales but most girls make selling fair. While the discounts and perks are nice to have, I do not recommend working for this company unless you are extremely agressive and competitive when working towards set quotas and assisting customers. You must be extremely open-minded about negative feedback and work hard to reach your numbers.

    Posted on 14 December 2012 by Rater #4 | Flag as inappropriate

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