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  • If you get a job with this company you will hate it & yourself in no time!! This company provides zero training & promised forever but they don’t follow through, it’s nothing but empty promises to keep you hanging on & waiting for nothing. Your boss will tell you can do something one day & then rip a side off of you the next & tell you you’re not supposed to be doing it, you’re doing it wrong & irresponsibly when no training was given & you were being extremely careful. You work in a hostile environment all day every day where people will yell at you & not talk to you. When you reach out for help or questions management screens their calls & won’t answer the phone or return calls. All of their equipment isn’t properly maintained & breaking down constantly it’s so old. If you’re injured at work they don’t care either, just keep working! Everybody who works here is a backstabbed!! The projects are so disorganized & hours do sporadic - 1 week you’re working 95 hours & then the following week you’re working 20 hours, I’m not kidding. If you ask for an occasional day off for family time they will guilt you why you’re not putting the company first. They are the lowest paid in the city. They short every single paycheque hours, they expect their staff to work for free!! Spare yourself from working for this company & work anywhere else but!!!!

    Posted on 30 November 2018 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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